Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Temple Square in the Summer

 Well, I did it again. On a day I had off, I decided to just go down to Salt Lake City and spend the day on Temple Square. The weather seemed to agree (thank goodness!), so I hopped on the Front Runner and then spent the day down at Temple Square. I wandered around and took pictures (obviously), then I'd read, then I'd wander around again to take pictures. It was an amazing day! I also wanted to see that display the Church had placed in the South Visitor's Entrance. Much to my dismay, the display was being "worked on" and by that I mean they were taking it apart (I don't know if it was to take it down...I really hope not!) Needless to say, I did not get a chance to see what I wanted. I could see the pieces from a distance, but I was not satisfied. I will just have to wait and go back another time (Darn!)
So, I went out to read. On may way, I took some pictures. I really like the Assembly Hall! The spires that
surround it, along with the brick, really make it an inspiring sight. I also like the Star of David in the windows. It's a great Old Testament touch. In addition, it is great to see the City Creek Center rising right across the street. In all honesty, I want an apartment on the top floor of the building in this picture. But, alas, I will never have the $4 million required for the likely down payment. That being said, I went with a friend to check out some of the apartments in the City Creek Center. A studio went for about $158,000 and a two bedroom (with a den) was a little over $1 million. In a very generous move, the City Creek Center provides you with 1 parking spot, but, no worries, it's only $50,000 for an additional spot!

Anyway...moving back to the nice part of the day...

Another nice shot of the temple! I particularly liked the flag :)

Anyway, there was a nice little outdoor eating area on the Main Street Plaza (just between the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Temple Square) where I sat most of the time reading. It was so cool because the temple rose through the trees and you could hear water running and then see the water in the reflecting pond. It was a very peaceful place to peaceful in fact that I kept nodding off while reading. It was perfect temperatures outside, particularly in the shade, and completely quiet (with the added birds singing in the background). Anyway, here are some other pictures that I liked. It was really an amazing day!

The Salt Lake Tabernacle

It is amazing to see the temple right above the trees. And the blue sky is an added benefit!

The Conference Center

The new Church History Museum. I need to go make a visit!

Church Office Building

Right outside the Beehive and Lion Houses

Beehive House

Lion House

Probably my favorite picture of the bunch!

I can't get enough!
I hope you enjoyed! I could spend an entire summer down on Temple Square and not get bored!

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mary.katherine said...

Your trip to SL was a lot funner than mine...I go twice a week for a stats! I do drive around temple square every night though. It's my favorite one.


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