Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Experiences

So, this summer, being my first in Ogden and the Top of Utah area, has been full of fun and new experiences. 

First of all, I experiences my first demolition derby (and a second one...they are pretty fun!) I first went to the on in Hooper, UT (pronounced Hupper). Here I am with some friends from the ward. It was much funner than I thought it would be. It's amazing how in to the derby you get when you see these cars crash into others! I loved it! My friend told me there was another one up in Logan, UT. Naturally, a bunch of us went up there to see that one as well. It was much better than the one in Hooper! I do have to draws an interesting crowd. I saw so many unique mullets! Here are some additional pictures of the cars.

Later on in the month of July, I went to the rodeo. Now, I am not a country boy (I do believe I am a city boy through and through...a big-city boy!) That being said, I LOVE rodeos! It is amazing to see the different activities. PETA and other animal rights activists can say what they want, but I will always be at the rodeo enjoying the activities! Here is a picture of the friends that I went with. Following the rodeo, we enjoyed a very late dinner at none other than Denny's. CLASSIC!

Now, who could forget, or who would want to miss out on the wonderful "Days of '47 Parade"? Or, as another friend calls it, "Mormon Mardi Gras" :)

The Ogden YSA (Young Single Adult) 2nd Stake had a little breakfast before the parade. The fun part (well, breakfast was fun, but I didn't really know too many people there) was that the stake had roped off the entire side of Washington Blvd (on the temple block) for us! :) I got nice front row seats to the parade and it was AMAZING!!!! The floats, the horses, the carriages, the old-fashioned cars, everything! Here are some pictures :)

Friends at the parade :)

And here I am in the picture :)

The Ogden UT Temple Presidency

This was a cool float that had a nice depiction of the Ogden Temple

I really like the Ogden Temple design. It'll be sad to see it go, but also exciting.

This was a pretty cool float having a modern-day temple and a Book of Mormon-time Temple.

The Ogden Temple, old and new
Overall, July was a great month for me. Lots of great experiences :)

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mary.katherine said...

It was the Provo Temple. The only true one.


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