Sunday, March 1, 2009

What would I do with $1,000,, really!

So how many times have you heard the question "What would you do with a million dollars?" Well, I have 500 times too many, so I am now answering that question so the next time I hear it, I can actually give a real answer. I know, I'm so responsible :). Don't be jealous of me for too long.
  1. First, as always, tithing! That would be $100,000.
  2. Second, I would invest (in the bank...absolutely NO stock market for this money!) That would be $150,000
  3. Next would be the best car in the world! That would be $16,640
  4. $50,000 to the LDS Church's Humanitarian Program
  5. $5,000 for clothes
  6. $400,000 for a small home (4 bedrooms, three bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, front room, family room, study/office, sun room, front and backyard).
  7. $10,000 to landscape/fix landscaping in the front and back yards
  8. $50,000 for a grand piano that looks something like this
  9. $160,000 for a tour of Jerusalem, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Eastern Europe, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, and the UK
  10. $20,000 to pay off student loans
  11. $5,000 to pay off my car
  12. The rest ($33,360) to travel to see my siblings and their families

Well, there you have it, how I would spend $1,000,000 if I had it. Now the question is...what about you?!?!?!?!


Tyler and Julia said...

You call a $50,000 home a "small" home????? Man, since we're nearly going crazy to find a home right now, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with just over 2,000 square feet will feel like a palace for us! :)

mary.katherine said...

Your links don't work...and I really want to see your piano.

Dave said...

I know...I don't know what the problem is and I'm frustrated...why don't they show????

Tracy said...

$400K for a "small" home as you put it...Dave...seriously...$400K would get you a very sweeeeeet home that is not small. Nice choice of size...your piano should fit inside without any trouble whatsoever...
I'm going to have to think about the $1MM the forgot taxes...unless the $1MM is post taxes...LOL...good luck with that!

Dave said...

Dang it...I did forget taxes. Hmm...let's just say this was post-taxes (the government gave me a break...which is definitely more unlikely than me getting a million dollars I'm sure!)

Kimberly said...

$5000 for a wardrobe? I am curious to know what kind of wardrobe that would be!

Dave said...

Well, for sure there would be a nice navy blue Armani suit with some brown leather shoes, some ties, a nice brown business coat...and black (one of those fancy coats that look like trench coats but are much nicer and better), some new jeans, shirts, khakis, slacks, socks, running shoes, belts, and ties (and a couple other dressy shoes).


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