Thursday, February 5, 2009


Due to the huge population of readers of this blog and the many requests for a new post, I present you with twenty confessions of Yours Truly. I am stealing this idea from some other sounded fun!!
  1. I love to drink milk/water/juice from the carton. I hate dirtying a cup just for one drink.
  2. When I'm alone in the car, I love to turn the radio up and belt the songs. It's such a cathartic event...I feel more relaxed when I get out of the car.
  3. I am obsessed with good smells. I love things like febreeze, scented candles, glade plug-ins (fresh laundry scent), and air fresheners. I do not like the presence of interesting smells (roommates make this difficult).
  4. I am addicted to gum! I have to be chewing something.
  5. I cannot suck on candy. Within two minutes, I am trying to break it with my teeth so I can chew it. Those huge jaw-breakers are a nightmare for me...I lose interest rather quickly.
  6. I hate tv, but I love movies (although, I do love American Idol!!!!)
  7. I cannot sleep on my back, but I have to start in that position at night or else I will not fall asleep (I say that because I have tried to fall asleep on my side multiple times and it won't work unless I am on my back first.)
  8. I have recently developed an intense passion for indoor plants! The only problem is that I keep killing them. I am proud to say that my babies (Chives, Cilantro, Thyme, Parsley, and Basil) have grown from seeds and are now sporting their secondary leaves (well, Basil is being a late-bloomer, but I can see leaves starting to come up.)
  9. I absolutely love yard work (weeding, mowing the lawn, planting, etc).
  10. I love cooking!!!!!!
  11. I'm a severe clean freak, but my room sometimes suggests otherwise (I don't even get it!)
  12. I hate sports but actually love a good football game if I am in the stadium at the time the game is going and the weather is pleasant or slightly on the warm side.
  13. I maintain a secret love of architecture and construction...I sometimes wonder why I did not study those subjects in college...
  14. I have always (as long as I can remember) wanted an identical twin. Because I did not get that, I want a set of identical twins.
  15. I have only cried after 4 movies (that I am aware of).
  16. I LOVE playing with hair! I find it absolutely relaxing when I run my fingers through hair (even more when people run their fingers through my hair).
  17. I am determined to run at least one marathon (running is my favorite sport).
  18. I have never been skiing (yet I have lived in Utah my whole life).
  19. I would jump at the chance to walk the Camino de Santiago, starting in Pamplona. This will happen sometime in my life!
  20. I love a good campout with a tasty foil dinner, a good hike, and friends/family.

There you have it...twenty things you probably didn't know about me :).


Bethany and Thomas said...

Yay. You are quite a complex fellow! I love the little hidden details...

Tyler and Julia said...

Oh David, this post made me LAUGH! :) Why? Because I too am addicted to gum. I have 3 bags - one for church, one for when I don't have my kids with me & one for every other day. I have packs of gum in all 3 of them. This also made me think of how we made fun of Mrs. Webb whenever she said that gum wasn't allowed in her class (remember that?). And, one final thing - when we had English with Ms. Hull back in high school, you sat directly in front of me. I seriously lost count of the times I saw you running your fingers through your own hair, relishing the feel of dried hairspray underneath your fingers. . . . (I kid you not!).

Dave said...

Oh Julia...that is hilarious. I always thought I was being discreet whenever I would run my fingers through my hair! What's worse/funny is that I still do it thinking I'm being discreet! And yes, I do remember "tienes chicle ((chomp chomp))". Oh the fun times!!!

mary.katherine said...

You use such big words! Cathartic? I have no idea what that is. I'm supr smrt. Ha.
What 4 movies?!


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