Friday, November 12, 2010

My Home's Rebirth

Well, I am happy to report some progress with my home. I have pictures to show, but I do admit, it's not as nice as it is in person. What makes it really interesting is comparing the before pictures with the after pictures. I hope you enjoy :) Please note, however, that all rooms are not completed yet...

One side of the front room. I am really happy with the color of paint :)

And here's the living room with the fire place. The nice thing is that the chair swivels, so I can face the television, company that comes to visit, the fire place, and the window. I'm very happy with the placement :)

My piano (well, I am piano sitting, so it's not really mine, but we have bonded). I love the small table with the one chair. No worries...that will be replaced...some time.

My kitchen. I should have waited to take the pictures until after I washed those dishes. Oh well.

The office and make-shift room. Actually, I will be storing some bunk beds for my mom, so they will be going in this room, but it is the office. This full bed will be leaving the room to its rightful home (you will see the room soon...below). And yes, new drapes are on the to-do list.

The guest room...and yes, it has been "child-ized" I love it! And I am very happy with the color of the wall.

This is my room...the master room. Obviously this room is not done (this is the rightful home of the full bed). I just had to show off the hardwood floors!!!! I haven't done anything with them yet but vacuum. I am excited for this room to be done. It'll be amazing!!!!!

This picture is here not only to show off Nicholas (he's about as old as I am) but also to show the wall. There was wall paper on this wall. I think it looks 1000 times better!

Two things about this picture. First of all, that horrible wallpaper is gone and replaced with a wonderful yellow wall. So much nicer!!!!!! Also, you will notice there is a puzzle waiting to be completed. This puzzle was moved from my apartment to it's current location. I knew if I took it apart, I would never pull it out to try it again. It's a beautiful picture but a nasty puzzle! The plan is to finish it, glue the pieces together, and put it in the frame that is hanging on the wall.
Well, there are some of the accomplishments. I have not done anything with the bathrooms yet and, obviously the master bedroom is not completed, but I am now living in my house and loving it!!!!! It can now snow all it wants, I am ready! I get Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in my house. Life is good!


Tyler and Julia said...

Hey, CONGRATS on owning your own home!! :D How'd it feel signing your name several billion times? LOL. Everything looks great! I love the blue color of the wall in the guest room too. Owning your own home is a LOT of hard work, but it's SO worth it! :D

Bethany and Thomas said...

Woopee! What a lovely post. I am so glad that you have a house! It looks like you put a lot of work into it. It looks great!


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