Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Logan, UT Temple

Ok, I made it to the Logan Temple! It was a great experience for many reasons. First, my dad was able to come along with me, which made it even better! Second, this was my first time being inside the Logan Temple. It's always exciting to go to a temple you haven't been to before (at least for me). Third, after we did a session, we drove around the campus for Utah State University (very impressive!!)

Anyway, it (the temple) was really impressive! Right as we came out of Sardine Canyon, I could see the temple pretty vividly. What was even more impressive was the view from the temple grounds!

The temple just sits on top of the hill overlooking most of Logan. The dark brick of the building combined with the white tower tops makes it really stand out!

(This picture is crooked. I tried hard to make it not crooked!)

(This is from the bottom of the hill. It was cool as we drove in because they were mowing the lawn. That would be a major feat!)

Inside, I was surprised at how small it seemed (compared to the Salt Lake and Manti Temples). It was still amazing and had that "older temple" feel. It was very inspiring to be there! It also was really fun having my dad with me. The drive was amazing (Sardine Canyon was so green!!!) and fast (75 mph freeway speed!) It was great :)! The only thing I forgot was a picture of me by the temple, but that can be fixed!

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mary.katherine said...

Logan is a beautiful little city. And your new blog layout looks very nice.


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