Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Pretty soon, I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my very own house! As you all remember from this post, I bought a house (that need some extra TLC, and quick!). In this post, I showed the improvements that needed to be made first (CPR, if you will). The "surgery preparation" has been going well and I just wanted to post some pictures of the progress:

This used to be my room, but I was finally able to turn it into my office (with a dresser). I couldn't take a picture of the other side because it needs some cleaning (the piles have been very busy reproducing...)

The kitchen hasn't really changed, but it is amazing and I love it! I am guessing a stove and dishwasher are about to be about 5 years. The garbage disposal also needs to be about 5 years.

Love this shot! I love the table, but did anybody else notice the difference between this picture and the other one on this post? The picture is much nicer (and more important, not sitting in pieces on my table!)

Here's half of my front room, my favorite room in the house! It turned out amazingly!

And the other half, again, just lovely!
And the bedroom...that mirror was one spectacular find!! I love it :)

I got this frame at the distribution center. It was another spectacular find :)

And yes, as you all may have guessed, I do really enjoy the colors yellow and gold (and brown does fit in nicely).
Well, like I said, my home has been improving very nicely. I am in the process of considering a remodel of the two bathrooms, but that may be placed on the back burner. We shall see.

To my lovely home, Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to a wonderful 79 years more :) And yes, I am doing my best to bring in more people...just be patient!

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