Sunday, October 24, 2010

My New Home!!!...Again and for real :)

So, as many of you (if not all) know, I have been under contract with a house and, if all is going well, I should close this Thursday, Oct 28. Coincidentally, this falls on one of my sister's birthday and I only thought it fitting that she should pay for it. She did not agree...

Anyway, I've wanted to show everyone, but because it is under contract, I can't find anywhere online that has the listing with pictures. So, I had my realtor take me there so I could take some pictures to share. In addition, this provides an opportunity for Before and After shots (believe me...this house needs some TLC with the decor). I'm sure by the time you finish looking at the pictures, you will understand what I mean.

Here's the house/front yard. The landscaping, although very simple, is amazing in that the concrete is laid separating the lawn from the garden plots...and I have one huge, amazing tree in the front yard (this photo does not do it justice!)

The view from the porch. If you squint and look behind the tree (very behind the tree) you can see the Ogden Utah Temple!!!! Another pluse :)

So, one pro of this picture...the gas fireplace!!!! (with a mantel). One con...the wood paneling. I'm still trying to decide what to do. I may paint over it, I may rip it down, or I may leave it for now while I try to decide what to do with it. Suggestions are welcome :)

The opposite wall (from the fireplace.) This is the front room. Yes, the carpet may be pinkish...but it's still in good condition and I'm not Daddy Warbucks, so it's going to stay for the next few years.

The mud room/wash room. There is a separate entrance to this room (something I really like!) This room will be a nice, vivid YELLOW!!!!!! :) This is also where the washer and dryer will go. It also leads into the kitchen.

The opposite wall in the mud room/laundry room (just think...YELLOW!!!! And it's non-negotiable)

The kitchen! The cabinets aren't even scratched, but the stove is a bit old (as is the dishwasher). Not to worry...

Now, before you die of shock, just wait...there's something even better than this. And yes, you guessed it, this will be one of the first things to go (actually, the second or third thing to go).

BOOM! Believe me, whatever you're thinking, I've heard. Yes, this ugly glass paneling will be the FIRST thing to go! I don't even know why this would be thought of as a good idea. This is also is going! The carpet will stay for a few years.

The bathroom (main). Obviously, there's some changing about to occur. I am not a bath boy, so a shower will be making an appearance shortly, as well as some new tile and a new vanity. But again, it will have to wait.

The master bathroom. Once again, the tile will go, the vanity too, and, obviously, the shower tile. However, it will have to wait. I do believe my manhood can handle the pink.

You guessed it! The carpet is gone! I'm still trying to carpet or hardwood floors? I know the front room will eventually become hardwood, but the carpet will be staying for awhile. This carpet has no chance of staying, so now comes the carpet or hardwood? Suggestions are welcome here :)

Obviously, this wall paper (and the paint color) will be gone. The carpet will be staying. This will become a blue room.

I like the glass closet doors :)

My backyard! I love the retaining wall here. I'm still trying to decide the fate of the shrubs. They most likely will be staying for a bit, but I really hate shrubs!

My view from the backyard. While I'm not a huge fan of the house, the mountains that rise from the house are an amazing site!

Now, I do not believe that pine trees belong in yards. They are too big and bulky to compliment anything (unless they are kept healthy, but I don't want to work on keeping one healthy). They belong in parks or in the wild. However, this is not in my yard, so I can still enjoy it (particularly in the winter). Also, the ivy is away from my house, so I can enjoy that as long as the snakes keep their distance!

Another view of my back yard. I love it!
So, there's a brief tour of the house. There is not basement (which will be nice in about 60 years when I can't maneuver stairs...I'll still be able to stay at home :)

I am super excited about this purchase. Hopefully, all will work out and I will be the new owner on Thursday. The ripping out and painting up project will begin soon afterward. As soon as it is finished, new pictures will be posted for everyone's enjoyment :)

For those who are curious, female input has been given but a male (myself) is making the final decision (because it is mine!!) :). There is no girlfriend or wife in my life right now, so keep that in mind. Obviously, when she decides to come around, she won't mind how the house looks (as long as it is tidy). Lucky for her, I'll like her enough to allow her to make some changes.


Jessica said...

Man I think my favorite part is your backyard and retaining wall, it looks beautiful :)

mary.katherine said...

Wood paneling--if you don't tear it down immediately, paint it white. Wood is so dark!
Yellow--keep in mind it appears MUCH more vivid when it is all painted. I had my bedroom BRIGHT yellow and blue for about 5 years. It got to be too much for me; it was SO yellow. I'm not telling you to not do it (because it sounds like you've made your mind up) but just letting you know it is harsh.
Good choice on getting rid of the glass and wallpaper in the dining room.
"Bath boy." Ha ha. That made me laugh. I'd keep the tub and just add the shower...don't rip it all out! Vanity and tile must go.
Hot master bathroom!! Ha ha. Pink shower should stay.
For a bedroom...i'm undecided. I love carpet in bedrooms. When you wake up in the winter you don't want to get out of your warm bed and step on cold floors. Just be cautious in picking carpet.
Retaining wall--awesome! I love that. If you keep the shrubs, just tame them. They really aren't that bad.
Ok. I think i've offered enough opinions. Congrats on a huge purchase!!

Tyler and Julia said...

OK, I thought my red curtains & red/patriotic bathroom on our main floor made our house look like too "much", but all of the pink in this house takes the cake! LOL. Seriously, it looks like a great place w/ a lot of potential. I must say though (& bear in mind this is all in good fun), if you were to keep that hideously flowery wallpaper I may have to smack you in the head. That wallpaper is enough to make anyone feel as if they were walking into Grandma's house, not a bachelor's home. :D I hope all goes well & that you're able to get all those papers signed & make this place your own!


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