Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Steps to Home-Ownership

(Pictures will soon follow)

As many of you know, I started looking for a house around May. It soon became an ordeal that was much bigger and much more involved than I expected. I will spare all the details until a later time when I will be able to go more in depth about my experience. For now, I will talk about furnishing my soon-to-be (hopefully) home.

McKay-Dee Hospital Center owns three houses that used to serve as guest houses for family members of patients in the hospital. Recently, a new building was built on the hospital campus that now serves that purpose. The hospital plans to sell the old houses, but first, they did a yard sale...

Everything in the houses was available for purchase. A co-worker of mine was in a club of the hospital which gave her first dibs on the items in the houses, so she took me with her and I went on my very first shopping spree (well, for housing stuff). I got 5 lamps, a huge framed picture (that I really really like), a lighthouse, some decorative plates, a clock, bunk beds (mattresses and all...although I am a bit concerned about the mattresses), and a dresser (oh yeah, and a glass casserole dish). You may think it was a fortune...$63.25 (an yes, the decimal point is in the correct place)!!!!! I was super excited! Three of the lamps even match and I pretty much furnished an entire bedroom (not mine, obviously...I get a bigger, newer bed). Needless to say, I was pretty excited and am more excited to move in (I am still waiting to hear back about the loan).

Anyway, I thought I would share the fun news. There will be more to come about the house-buying experience, so stay tuned :)


mary.katherine said...

Congrats on the house-buying! Where are you looking at? Staying in Ogden? Make sure you have enough room for those 8 kids...ha!

Dave said...

Hahahaha!! Well, this house won't fit 8 kids but it'll at least fit four before I need to start looking for a bigger one :) And yes, I am staying up in northern Utah. It's great up here!!!! You should check into it...

mary.katherine said...

Eh--i'm a Utah County girl. Born and raised!! It's the Holy Land. Too bad you didn't buy a Holy House down here.


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