Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, Christmas!!!

So, I went to the Gateway and Temple Square in Salt Lake City and went camera crazy! I was fascinated by the tree at the Gateway, so I recorded it (the lights are amazing!!) Here it is for you all to see. :) By the way, I could not figure out how to change it so it was turned correctly (it's not as easy as fixing pictures I guess). Forgive me, please ;)

And yes, I have other pictures :). Some of them have some pretty funny stories, so here we go:

Ok, so this must be one of the more popular, most-desired places to take a picture on temple square (here and the reflecting pool on the Main Street Plaza). So, in an attempt to be polite, we waited our turn in line. There was a family in front of us who were also waiting their turn. The family in front of us were taking their sweet time as well as enough pictures to fit on 5 memory cards! When it was the family's turn (in front of us), this pack of girls ran up to the platform, giggling like they were funny, and started taking pictures. Then, this old lady walked up to the platform. Her husband kept telling her that it wasn't her turn and she looked at him and gave him this nasty sneer that communicated "I don't have to wait my turn!" Finally, I decided to throw civility aside and ran up to the platform when Mrs Entitled got down. I let the family in front of us come up so that we could take their picture for them and then I took the snapshot I wanted. Obviously, I was annoyed (especially with Mrs. Entitled. I don't care how old you are...wait your turn!!) Ok...I feel better now that that is off my chest. Next:

Wow...this picture has a hilarious story! So, I wanted to take the shot from the corner of the window because it didn't have as many hand and fingerprints on it. The only problem was this couple who were having an interesting conversation--and by that, I mean the guy (no older than 23) was talking to the girl about all the money he had loaned to his family. First of all, he loaned $10,000 to his parents because "they had fallen on hard times". Second, he paid off all of the student loans his sister had incurred. Now, obviously, I did drop some eaves but it was impossible not too...this was an interesting story! I want to know what this kid did for a living if he was only about 23 (maybe 24 but definitely not older than 25)! This guy had loaned out about $30,000 (unless the student loans were not very much)!! AND HE WAS ONLY 23!!! I was about to ask him for a loan, but my better judgement helped me refrain. Anyway, I knew it was pointless to wait for the spot because more people were coming and this story was not about to end any time soon (the girl decided to sit down on the sill!) So, I took my shot from the center (and yes, it was a decent shot) and then we headed down the elevator. Our assumptions were:
  1. this guy was genuine and I am being pretty rude,
  2. this guy was Mr. Moneybags (and I am still probably being somewhat rude), or
  3. this guy was really trying to impress this girl with money and generosity, and he was laying it on REAL thick (and I am still being rude...dang it!)!!
Anyway, here are some other photos:

An amazing nativity!

The temple through the lights (I admit this idea was not original. I saw someone else doing it and decided to follow suit!)

I really like the Assembly Hall! It is an example of some great architecture.

I like the temple and the lights right in front. I will never have enough pictures of the temple!

The best shot of the evening! I love this one (and yes, this idea was original. I took it before seeing the other people on the other tree).

Well, there you are! Some fun little pictures of magic and wonder. I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!!!


mary.katherine said...

That last picture really is excellent! Do you care if I print it off and frame it? You did a great job at summarizing all the highlights of the night. Don't worry about being rude--that guy was a piece of work. Geez. I still can't believe it.

Dave said...

Feel free to print it off. If you say please, I might sign it. That way you can sell it for thousands of dollars and then loan me some ;) hehehehe


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