Monday, November 16, 2009

My New Home!!! comes a "post puke". After months of no posting, you're about to get two, maybe three posts...

As most of you know, I have changed residence. I am now up in Ogden and really like it up here! I have a cozy little place with the Ogden Temple in my backyard and the Ogden City mall down the street. I work at the McKay-Dee Hospital and really really like it! Life is great :)

Since the majority of you are far away, I decided, for your enjoyment, to post pictures of my place.

So, here is "the bedroom" and "the living room". One of my more creative ideas (thanks to my mom) was to have a trundle bed so I could sleep on the top and pull the bottom out just enough to make a couch. IT WORKS!! It's actually one of the more comfortable couches I have had! It also provides a nice little storage area where I can put my suitcases and empty boxes (and you can't really se them!) It works and I really enjoy it.

The blanket on the bed is the best blanket! My mom pieced it together, I quited it (while doing a Harry Potter/Chronicles of Narnia read-a-thon). I was able to listen to "The Order of the Phoenix", "Half-Blood Prince", "Deathly Hallows", "The Magician's Nephew", and half of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe". It was great!

Here, you see my office :). That picture on the wall is my Master's of Social Work Diploma (I'm very excited about that.)
That desk is just perfect for the laptop and alarm clock, and I was able to get my printer right next to it. I am thinking of moving a bookshelf over by the lamp so I can
have my books right next to the desk. I don't know...we'll have to see how it works out. I'm also debating about getting a Christmas tree and putting it in the area, but I'm still debating on a couple of issues...first, should I get a real or artificial tree?, where will I store it if it is artificial? How much do I want to spend? etc. So man
y decisions...golly!

All right, I am most proud about this! This is my dining room. When my grandparents found out I was moving and didn't have a
table, they told me they had one that they were not using that they would let me use. They told me the leaves fold down so if I wanted a small table, it would work (and if I had company, the leaves would fold up and expand the table). When I saw it, I had to have it, so they brought it up for me (I have amazing grandparents!) Anyway, I then went to Kohl's (that's a dangerous store) and bought the table cloth and the runner. I then brought my old plants from home and put them on the table (one's up on the ledge as well). And, because I am very thankful for Christmas, I put the Christmas decorations up to help me celebrate Thanksgiving. I love it!!!

Here is the other half of the "family" room. You see that bookshelf I was thinking of moving to
"the office". I'm still not sure. Anyway, my family room is the same as the bedroom (if you couldn't tell by now). My brother who just got married asked me if I could "store" some of his belongings until he and his wife were able to move to a place with more space. I told him I think I'd be able to handle it, so he let me store his tv and dvd player. It has been very nice, especially with my very comfortable couch! I might have a piano coming to visit for a time that, if I do get to "store" it, will go here. Which means...I'll have to find a new place for the tv (and the shelf will definitely move to "the office".) We'll have to see if that happens (it would be great to have a piano!!)

This is the entrance to my apartment. Yes, I know the fish tank is empty, but that will be rectified shortly, once I get some time to get it ready and go buy some fish. I also want to buy some shelves to put above so it doesn't look so bare. I did want to put some plants there, but there would be no I might have to buy some silk plants or shelves...again,
we'll have to see what happens. My only concern is the fish. I must be missing something about proper fish care because they keep dying really quickly. I don't know. I do plan on putting fish in the looks really neat with the light on.

That jack-o-lantern night light is a great memory. I had to beg my mom to let me take it, with a promise that I would never take it to the DI. No worries there...I will keep it until she demands I give it back. It's fun!

Here is the kitchen. It suits me just fine...except the fact that there is no microwave (and really,
no room for one). But, it does have a dishwasher, a nice oven/stove combo, and a HUGE fridge! It's so weird not to have to share the fridge with other people. There really is a lot of space! There is a nice little pantry that I really like as well. It is very nice!!

I also have a huge bathroom that I really like.
My mom and sister bought me the shower curtain and I really like it! It goes along with the fish tank that will soon be running at full power! Anyway...what you can't see is that there was enough room on the counter for me to put a radio. I listen to it once in a while, but I don't know how thin the walls are and the wall with the mirror is also the wall to the hallway. However, I do still use the radio and it is very nice!

Well, there you have the grand tour of my place. Like I said, it is nice and cozy and I really enjoy it. Please feel free to stop by when you are in the area. I love having company!!

Prepare yourselves...the next post is about my backyard (it is amazing!!!!)


mary.katherine said...

It looks cozy. So glad you brought your plants...wouldn't want those to die!

Weird thought that came to me as I was do your home teachers sit on the couch and you sit on the floor?

Artificial tree. One with lights already on it. Saves a lot of hassle and swear words.

Fish would be nice in the fish tank.

It is like your own live version of YoVille! Ha ha.

Dave said...

Very good question about the seating arrangements...home teachers haven't been over yet, but I do have another chair I could sit on (although, it would be fun to see their reaction if I did sit on the floor!)

I agree with the artificial tree with lights!!

You have to come see it!!! I'll call you.

Tyler and Julia said...

Very nice! If I were you I'd be really happy to have a place all to myself after living w/ roommates for as long as you had to, esp. while you were still up in Provo. I never would've thought to get a trundle bed so that it would also serve as a couch. Your mom is so smart! :) I had to laugh when I saw the shower curtain. We have one EXACTLY like it in the bathroom upstairs! LOL.

Dave said...

That is hilarious!!!! (about the shower curtain). I love that shower curtain! And yes, I am happy to be away from roommates. The only time I will have another roommate is when I am married!


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