Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Favorite American Idol Moment

I have to say, I absolutely loved the moment when Dumb Bikini Girl (DBG)was trying to sing "Vision of Love" as Kara DioGuardi came out singing. DBG's face was priceless--thinking she had the stage. I loved seeing her trying to find out where the other voice was coming from. And then, when she saw that it was Kara, her face was dripping with fury and loathing. And yes, Kara was much better singing than was DBG! Oh it was fabulous!!! Kara got the upper hand!!!! Now if only Adam was not on American Idol, it would have been a great series finale!


Pamela said...

Dave, I couldn't agree more!! DBG started the song off so poorly I couldn't wait for her to get off stage. If only Tatiana could have taken the hint and not tried to sing again...

mary.katherine said...

I think it is time for an update...AND you have forgotten that Dumb and Dumber was supposed to make your top 10...


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