Sunday, November 9, 2008

Too Much to Contain

It is official...I can no longer contain the excitement (that and it has been awhile since I wrote a post and I figured this would be a good one). Yes, yes, as those of you who know me well, you know of my little crush on Celine Dion. Also, as you may know, she is finally coming to Salt Lake City! Being Mr. Prepared and Mr. On-Top-Of-Things, I signed up for tickets last November (like I said, it's just a little crush) and have been holding on to them since that time. I bought two because I wanted to take a date...and I had no idea who the lucky girl would be (double lucky...she gets to see Celine Dion live and she gets to see her with me!)

I had a couple of options of finding a girl to go with me. The most creative way that was suggested to me (by my internship supervisor) was to put a listing on KSL, Ebay, or Craigslist for one free ticket to the concert (and a free date). After much deliberation, I figured I'd be safest and most guaranteed to have a fun time if I chose who I took.

Anyway, the big day is November 21 at the Energy Solutions Arena and it's going to be amazing!


Tyler and Julia said...

In the words of Miracle Max from "The Princess Bride", "While you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?!" Just keep rubbin' it in!

Dave said...

hahahaha! I'm sorry :). Don't you worry, I'll post up my own personal review of the concert so you can live through it vicariously through me :)

Steve said...

Maybe not a Celine Dion date, but I thought of a good Brookville PA girl at BYU that you ought to take out.


Dave, my brother should thank you. Now that one of my good, much-respected guy friends (that's you) has informed me of his slightly gigantic crush on Celine Dion, I will have a much harder time teasing my lil bro about it. Go figure. Maybe I'll be able to borrow his CDs more often now that I'm not giving him such a bad time about owning them :)

ChrisBCrazy said...

haha this post made me laugh a lot. i had no idea of ur "little" crush!

Danielle said...

A LITTLE CRUSH ON CELINE DION!!! I'm telling my dad. Did you really get tickets last November? As in, one year ago? How does one find out about concerts that far in advance? (fan club president?)

Dave said...

I actually had a friend call me to tell me Celine was coming to Salt Lake :). I should have joined the fan club...they get 10% off. But then again, they have to pay yearly to be part of the club...I think what they pay ends up being more than the 10% off of tickets.

HotChocolate said...
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Amy said...

You're still a big Celine Dion fan! I remember listening to Celine at JSMB when we were working together! :)

Dave said...

Oh...those were the days (at JSMB!) Do you remember when you, Shar, and I hid to trick some people into leaving so we could empty out the garage and leave? That was hilarious!! Yes, I still love Celine. Although, I have started to branch out (finally!) :)


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