Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Was Inevitable! (Cont'd)

So, I tried to put a few of my favorites on the post, but it would only let me upload so many (I guess), so I'm doing a second post to put the rest on (I couldn't leave any of these out!) These albums come highly recommended, especially by myself. By the way, the picture inside the LDS Conference Center is there to represent the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra on Temple Square (I couldn't find a satisfying picture). That picture also represents the concerts given by Sissel, Bryn Terfel, Audra McDonald, Frederica Von Stade, and Angela Lansbury, along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They were absolutely fabulous! ENJOY!


Pamela said...

Don't worry Dave, only 5 more days until 24 hours of Christmas music!

Steve said...

Wow, discovering this blogaroo was a bright spot of the day. I must ask though, where are the Carpenters and the Osmonds? Can you even celebrate Christmas without Karen Carpenter? I highly doubt it! Other amazing classics include John Denver, the Chipmunks, and of course, the Jackson 5. You might also need to hear James Taylor's new CD. For driving on a date or just general sexy time, check out Diana Krall's Christmas album. That should keep you busy through Christmas.
Mick says hello.

Dave said...

I feel horrible! I can't believe I forgot about Karen's true it's not Christmas without her! Not to worry, I'm going to fix it!

Tyler and Julia said...

I must say I am VERY happy that you remembered to put the Carpenters' album! "Merry Christmas Darling" is one of the best Christmas songs ever (at least I think so). :)

Erik Kokkonen said...

Dave Slack! I didn't know you blogged. I will now link to it from my blog...As much as I love Karen Carpenter for Christmas, she is only invited after Thanksgiving.


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