Saturday, September 27, 2008

Celebrity Look-alikes

It's funny how there are some people you greatly resemble and others who don't look a thing like you. What's even funnier is when people tell you that you look like someone who doesn't even look like you. This mostly happens to me when people tell me I look like celebrities. The other day, I was at work and someone told me that I looked a lot like Brad Pitt.
I wanted to laugh but realized that it would be inappropriate for the situation I was in, so I refrained. However, that comment made me remember some other celebrities I have been told that I resemble. I could only remember the names of 2 other celebrities. These include Val Kilmer and Guy Pearce. What can I say...I knew I was destined for stardom!! Here are some pictures...I'll let you judge for yourselves. I don't think there's much of a resemblance...

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Tyler and Julia said...

I'd have to say, you look the most like Guy Pierce. That's just what I think, though. :)


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